Oak tables


We are passionate about furniture and our aim is to create striking, contemporary designs which command presence.

Our oak comes from one carefully chosen forest in France.  The first trees were planted under the reign of Louis XIV to source the construction of French war ships. The oak trees are interspersed with larch and beech in order to encourage straight growth.

Typically over 200 years old when felled, the trees are left to dry naturally for two to three years before being kiln dried.  This process achieves optimum humidity and stability.

We have a genuine love of nature and do all that we can to ensure minimal environmental impact. We go to great lengths to make use of every bit of timber, even the sawdust, meaning that there is no waste. Our chosen forest has no regeneration issues however we plant 100 trees for every one used.

HollerJones was founded by Hamish Beattie-Jones, a cabinet maker of more than 30 years experience. Listing some of the world’s finest yachts and residences as clients, he previously spent 20 years on the Cote d’Azur as Founder and Director of ‘The Boatworks’ a carpentry company specialising in superyacht interiors, and superyacht fitouts. Over the years, they earnt a reputation as one of the best in the industry.

HollerJones is the product of a life-long passion for furniture and design and this permeates every piece.  Furniture designs which might at first appear to be simple are in fact complex creations, the result of obssesive attention to detail and learned expertise.  

This is furniture with impact.


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